The revolution in rock excavation

Welcome to the website of XCentric-Ripper Benelux, the exclusive importer for the Benelux of the Xcentric Ripper, a unique attachment for hydraulic excavators.

The Xcentric® Ripper features a patented 'Re-Action Power Accumulation Technology,' which allows for higher productivity in 80% of all cases compared to any hydraulic hammer available in the market. In at least 70% of cases, productivity is 2 to 5 times higher.

The closed housing of the Xcentric® Ripper is insensitive to external influences such as dust, water, dirt, etc. This allows for operations under the most difficult conditions such as tunnel work, muddy and wet job sites, as well as all underwater work, e.g. in ports, canals, and open seas. There is no need for special, expensive, and complicated preparations for underwater use. These are the reasons why the Xcentric® Ripper drastically reduces maintenance and repair costs.